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our interview with glenn greenwald and david miranda went long so we ran out of time for long so we ran out of time for the ridiculous. -- captions by vitac -- welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. guns, why it's time to do something about them. tonight two. georgia, children are safe after a gunman with an ak-47 opened fire at an elementary school. the gunman was 20 years old. >> an australian baseball player here on a scholarship gunned down dead by three teenagers done by they said the fun on it. >> senseless. there is nothing he could have done.
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>> why kids kill. plus a beloved hollywood legend escapes death and tweets about it. the man that saved 87-year-old vick vandike from his burning car. i'll give you a hunt, it's definitely not anthony weiner. i want to begin with tonight's shocking big story. an australian baseball player here on a scholarship out jogging killed. charges filed against three teeners who police said, wait for this, police say they shot christopher lane for fun because they were bored. 15-year-old james edward junior and chauncey were charged as an adult and michael jones and no bond set for edwards and liuna. thank you for joining me captain
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evans. few stories capture me like this one. the randomness and senseless killing. your reaction to it? >> it's very hard on the community here. our community is approximately 23,000 people. it's a wonderful community, a great place to have your kids grow up, and normally, it would be safe to go anywhere in town any time day or night. you wouldn't have to worry about being attacked or anything like that. in this partaticular neighborho, it's afluent, everyone is out at various times of the day walking with their wives or jogging up and down this particular street is a pretty long street and runs in front of the golf course and this happened just shortly before 3:00 in the afternoon on a friday afternoon, so you had a lot of people out.
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it was fairly hot day, so there wasn't that many people out jogging or exercising at that particular time, but the residents are just absolutely appalled, and shocked that it happened because everyone realizes that, you know, your kids are out playing, that it could have been anybody it was such a random act, could have been any of their kids this happened to. >> it's totally disgusting. just for the viewers who have not been following this today, tell me exactly what these thugs did. >> well, this young man, the young victim was just jogging, and i believe that he was listening to his radio that he had on his arm, and he was just jogging. he was jogging with traffic. this road is pretty wide, and then it narrows down to where it's just a two-lane, and he was jogging with traffic. so these individuals came up behind him in a car and they
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were very close because -- because the road is like i said, two lane with no shoulder on it. so it's very narrow there, and they pulled up behind him and shot him in the back and then sped away. >> i mean, in all your time in police work captain evans, have you ever came across anything quite so callous? >> no, i haven't. crimes happen all over the place, but normally, you always have some kind of relationship, be it may be breach between the victim and suspect. even at the briefest of times, you may have people that have gotten into, you know, heated exchange over some traffic issue or something else, but to just, i mean, this guy just happened to be running, and the opportunity was there, and they were close, so they thought
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well, let's just shoot this guy. so -- >> and final question for you captain evans, just clarify for me, is it right that their explanation was simply that they were bored and they did it for fun? >> you know, i really as captain of investigations, we have a policy over here that, you know, i can't discuss what anybody's statement is, you know, if anybody discusses that, they are a little higher pay grade than me so i really can't go into the specifics of what any of them said, but one thing i can say about this group is they had the desire to be gangsters, and that's just from prior instances that we had had coming in contact with them, and based on various aspects that we were aware of.
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they just wanted to em late that lifestyle. >> got to leave it there. thank you very much indeed. reaction in australia is hock and hoary. joining me is melvin young and on the phone tim fisher, he's the former deputy prime minister of australia. he says in the wake of the crime, tourist should think twice about coming to america. wide spread furry and december stress in distress over this in australia. >> there really has. disbelief, shock. chris was a rising star having the time of his life over in the united states. we've all heard about gun violence in america, but this really brought it home. parents in australia who may have children on scholarships in the u.s. and students themselves, just out of disbelief that could happen to
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one of ours. this is the front page in melbourne here today, "the herold son." it says the team's american police shot our star. it's senseless and the reaction from the family as well as reporting from that baseball club just north on melbourne here. family, friends and team mates and people from the local baseball club have been down there this week. terribly sad, they are placing a baseball with tributes, flowers on the home base. his mother and father held back tears and described chris as another normal kid. he loved baseball and the game since he was 15 years old and loved it because he wanted to go to college in the u.s., piers, and saw this was his chance. >> certainly an appalling story. i want to bring in tim fisher. he served from 1996 to 1999. significance of that being after an appalling mass cure in port
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arthur in australia big gun changes and as a result, they had hardly a mass shooting since and certainly nothing of this random nature. tim fisher, you call for a boycott of america showing the depth of your feeling. what is your reaction to what happened here? >> just for the record, australia has had zero gun mass cures since 1996 and the united states 80 people killed by guns every single day. so it is another example on murder may ham on may street. people thinking of going to the usa on business, vacation, trips, think about it. you're 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the usa than australia per million people. >> i have had this debate countless times on this show in the last two years, and i keep being assured by the gun rights
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people that the only way to deal with gun violence is for more people to be armed and more guns to be in circulation. obviously, australia went a completely different direction and took away guns. there was a huge amnesty and ban on semi automatic and automatic weapons. tell me what you think of the logic that more guns means less gun crime. >> well, you've done well over there. you've got 215 million guns in the u.s. of a. you have semi alms and alms in the suburbs. we don't in australia and we have freedom and sporting shooters still have rights to have guns. farmers have the right to have guns. anyone with licensing has the right, but we don't have gun shows where you can walk up and not be subject to a background check in one of the dumbest decisions so far of agony over the gun laws in and gun policies of the nra and usa. i can tell you there is
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disbelief. a fine young australian gunned down by three teenagers, allegedly, and i just want to say that to the deep thinkers in the usa to think again about the drift in the state of the nation. i went to philadelphia to the constitutional convention, constitutional museum to look particularly at aspects of the second amendment. the second amendment does not provide for semi alms in the suburbs of main street, usa. >> let me just ask you, you were in a conservative government, weren't you, mr. fisher? >> yes, i was leader of the republican regional party, congressman equivalent, in a sense a dick cheney of joe biden prime minister and supported
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john winston and the initiatives for gun reform and also, former vietnam veteran thanks to the usa and i have and own guns, which cnn is privy of, as a matter of fact. in a sensible balanced approach in the interest of public safety, what happened in oklahoma is just an example of what happens in every state in the usa every day and that is surely enough. >> tim fisher, thank you very much indeed for joining me. i appreciate it. my next guest president of the baseball club in melbourne where christopher was a member. he remembers christopher as fantastic person. welcome. devastating blow to your club, to the people of melbourne and australia. what would you like to say? >> well, i would just like to let you guys know it shocked the
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world. the baseball community is a tightened group. most baseball is unshattered. >> what kind of man was christopher? >> while, he was a kid that started at seven years old at our club playing tee ball that looked like a little league type program. played for 12 years at the club. he was a very good athlete. he could have chosen another sport, football or baseball but because he had a level head on his shoulders, he chose baseball because it offered him a college education in america. we have an affiliation over there with colleges and send many players over there. and this is obviously, the first time we've ever had any problems and it's been a great relationship thus far until now. >> his dream, obviously, was to play baseball professionally and to do that really in any meaningful way you have to come to america. did he like the idea of buying into the american dream?
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>> look, look, chris was such a level-headed kid that i think he knew his down falls. i don't think chris really thought he might have been a major league baseballer. that's such a small percentage. he was going to have a crack but that's why he chose college so if it didn't work out he could come back to australia with an education and been a much better baseballer than he would have been an elate player in australia and our club. so that's the type of kid he is, that he created a win -- win for himself in a way there. >> thank you for joining me. i'm just so sorry for this devastating loss to you as a friend and to your club and the people of melbourne and to aaron young, thank you for joining me, too. one of the most shocking aspects is the fact the young men charged with the crime are teenagers and allegedly killed for fun. what would cause anyone to commit a crime like this so
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young? joining me professor of criminology and the author of "the will to kill." thank you for joining me, james fox. yet again, the word senseless murder barely does this credit. the suspects are 15, 16, 17. gangsters and pick out this poor young australia, sports star with everything to play for and gunned him down. what do you make of this? >> you know, characterized as senseless murder. adult wills do it over jealousy or greed or revenge. kids it's often over in reason at all. when you look at a case like this, mr. lane was picked out at random but to understand this crime, you have to consider the relationship among the three kids. often times, kids kill not because they are commented to murder but committed to their friends. there is shared misunderstanding where often times kids will do
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things because they believe everyone else believes in it, but no one does. so they for tasparticipate in t awful crime like this because they don't want to be called a wimp and rejected so they do it out of loyalty for their friends, as opposed to a negative feeling toward the victim and that's how kids often think. >> how empowering is the gun to kids like this? >> well, very much so. particularly, you have kids who aren't very empowered. teenagers generally are not and minority kids for whom often times they see the american dream as a nightmare. for them their goal is to be in a gang, as these kids have said they are perhaps want to be gangs and just like for traditional pursuits where an education and a book might be the important tool if you really want to be in a gang, learning how to use a gun is the important tool. so gangs are always hiring, always recruiting, where as the
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legitimate job market may not be. >> professor fox, thank you very much indeed for joining me. in iowa, a 71-year-old man shot and killed an escaped inmate held him and his wife hostage at their home. they were asleep when escaped inmate rodney long broke into their home. he held them hostage for four hours until mr. mordley shot him dead. star jones is in the chair. i want to know what she thinks about these cases and a new shocking trayvon martin video. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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he's left his mark and you know, there's not going to be any good come out of this because it was just so senseless. >> a father of christopher lane speaking out about the murder of his son all three suspects accuse in this crime are teenagers. everybody is talking about that tonight, including star jones. star, it makes me so bloody angry this this young hand some
6:21 pm
talented experienced sportsman comes here to lead the american dream of playing baseball. he is gunned down by want to be gangsters, kids who are bored. what do you have to say about it? >> it breaks my heart a young man lost his life in sense a senseless murder but the fact you had to identify him as young, hand some, talented with all these dreams and hopes and aspirations, december ting wishes him from other murder victims in the country and brings his story to light. let me tell you something, this happens on the streets and cities across the country from st. louis to miami to new york city to chicago, illinois to detroit, michigan. and as senseless as this homicide is, those other homicides are just as senseless, and those people were somebody's kid, also. so my heart breaks for this family and what they are
6:22 pm
experiencing. having prosecuted murder cases, i can tell you that their lives are altered forever. it will never be the same, and the same goes for the defendants, for the men who the young men who have been accused of this crime and i understand are going to face a very serious charge. >> i mean, i've read before i came on air tonight that apparently there have been ten kids age 7 or younger who have been shot in chicago since the end of june. not all killed but all shot, and some of it just so random, just walking upstairs to their home. so that's chicago. we know they have problems there. we have this going on in oklahoma. we have it in every major city. where does it end? in australia they had a massacre in '96 and it changed everything, and the people that drove the change were c conservatives and republicans. what is wrong with america that
6:23 pm
it has to be partisan, republicans can't bring in gun control. if you're anti-gun rage you're some liberal freak. what is wrong with the argument in america that makes it so non-sense kill. >> there is no partisan issue when there is a dead kid on the ground or in the ground. in this particular situation, it's not about being conservative or liberal. it provides us with the right to bear arms or the right to bear arms under all circumstances. every single right has a provision to it where there is some limitation and we have to have good, common sense gun control as it relates to the second amendment. you were talking about how young these defendants are, 15 to 17. and the senseless nature of the randomness of the murder. i actually tried a homicide case where a guy sat on a park bench,
6:24 pm
and said i'm going to kill the next person that talks to me. and another man just happened to walk by and said can i get a light? and the guy shot him dead in brooklyn, new york. i tried a case, the tried the first 13-year-old in new york state that was convicted as an adult for murder in new york. i want you to know that nothing has changed, which makes me very, very sad. but very experienced in this regard. >> i mean, you know, you look at the school shooting incident today where luckily nobody was hurt, but there you got a kid of 20. he apparently said he was off his meds and having some kind of treatment for some kind of mental health issue, five months ago apparently he had been detained by authorities after making offensive terrorist-style threats. so you have a known attachment to law enforcement people and mental health issues and an ak-47. >> and you have gun laws that
6:25 pm
say that we can't do a true background check on people with those specific qualifications. if we had some sensible gun control laws in place, each and everything that you have eluded to as it relates to this particular suspect would have been caught before he would have had access to a semi automatic rifle. it makes now sense whatsoever. you and i can go around and around because we're on the same side. the real debate people try to say that having access to gun ss a fundamental right and have as many weapons on the street as possible and the that's what is nonsensical. this young man being killed in such horrific way so people can have fun showed a lack of core
6:26 pm
values that should trouble us as americans that we are reduced our young people to sit around and say no dream for i am in society that i will take the life of someone that i don't know without callousness and the impact on the victim's family and the impact. where is the responsibility to your fellow man? we have stopped installing that in our young people and that's the debate we should be having. >> i completely and utterly agree with you, star jones. stay with me. i want to come back after the break and talk about "the butler" the movie gripping america. the conversation with lee daniels and lenny krav visits about whether america is more racist since the first black president. i want your view on that. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop!
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get the hell out of my house. >> i'm sorry, mr. butler, i didn't mean to make fun of your hero. >> oprah winfrey, the number one in the box office. star jones, fascinating discussion last night with lee daniels. obviously, he's the man behind the movie and lenny krav viz. i want to play you what lee daniels said about this when i asked if he thought america was
6:31 pm
more or less racist as a result. lee, do you think america is more or less racist country since barack obama became president? >> wow, that's a powerful question. i think that people are angry that he's president, and i think that they are showing their true colors, and i think that -- i think that you know when danny strung wrote those words, any black man could be killed by any white man and get away with it, trayvon martin had not happened. i end the movie with hope. you know, he's walking down and obama is giving that famous speech, you know, and i come out of my edit room and trayvon martin has happened. so yeah, i think, i think so. sadly, i think so. >> very provocative but if you're watching at home and want to give me a view, tweet me at
6:32 pm
piers morgan. i got a tweet in from the last segment from robert zimmerman tweeted me saying very tragic about the shooting incidents but remember bans would have done nothing to stop either but of course had you banned assault weaponsapplyed to potentially both the cases. i understand he has a view, but i don't agree with it. the question whether barack obama's a sent to the white house drew out more racism to america or it was always there and made the debate noiser? >> i think people have more freedom to have the discussion and say things they would normally not say in polite company. when you see a brown man in the white house on pennsylvania avenue, there is a tendency to say, and i've actually heard people say well, you have a
6:33 pm
black president, what more do you want? well, i want a lot more. i want african american men and women to have healthcare that is equal and/or better. i want employment rates to go up and unemployment rates to go down. i want senseless gun violence to not be as prevalent in one community versus another, and i don't want people to become complacent thinking because there is a brown president that we don't have any more work to do and what has happened is people who have racist tendencies have allowed themselves to verbalize what they have been feeling in a way that is just a little outrageous for me. i'm just fascinated by hearing some of the comments that have been made about the president of the united states, the kinds of insults that are laid at his feet and the things that are said about the first lady that
6:34 pm
under in circumstances would any man dare to say about the wife of the president of the united states, and i can't help but say they feel the freedom to treat this black woman less than who she is, less than what she's accomplished. >> star, star, let me jump in there. do you actually believe that? hillary clinton caught tremendous flak at the white house as the spouse of bill clinton -- >> but it wasn't about her race. >> she was a white first lady. she had it everything about her hair to fashion to anything else. i mean -- >> they -- >> what was the difference really? >> let me tell you something, the way i was taught to fight is you hit people with something you know will penetrate their spit rid. when you go after an african american person with race you try to penetrate their spirit. it's like going after women with gender or going after someone gay about their sexuality.
6:35 pm
you're looking to penetrate that person's spirit so they can't recover and that's the difference. >> let me flip the argument on its head slightly and say has barack obama as the first black president done enough himself for the black community in america? many tell me they are disappointed. >> am i happy with everything that's happened? absolutely not. am i happier that he's the president of the united states than mitt romney? absolutely. the changes occurring in the criminal justice system, the stop and frisk, the fact we have an african american that sits at the head of the justice department gives me much more feeling that there are opportunities there. what we have done in healthcare, are you kidding me? with obamacare, that has absolutely changed the course of what will ultimately be african american latino and poor people in america receiving benefits.
6:36 pm
am i happy with everything the president has done? no. i've never been happy with everything a president does. the president can't make store jones or piers morgan happy all the time but i would rather have him sitting there than other options. >> i am happy you spoke in a british accent. lets move on to marissa mayer. she appears in "vogue." the piece says she's sent to the top of the world enough to make it a mentor that every working woman wants. do you agree with that? >> you know what? she is a fantastic mentor but there is a relationship between a mentor and mentee and i think she would agree with me. not only would she want to be the right mentor but a mentee. i was so inspired by this piece. it gives the opportunity for women executives and professionals to say that i can
6:37 pm
care about my business. i can move up the corporate ladder. i can move towards success and power, and i can keep my feminineness. that is extremely powerful and not just be thought of in one category or another. it's okay to be pretty and smart and powerful. it's a triple threat. >> sit. under that context not to mention your stunning hair style that's not gone unnoticed. congratulations on that. >> hair is an accessory, i change it with my mood. [ laughter ] >> come back next week, star. good to see you. >> nice to see you. coming next, the hero who saved vick van take from his burning star. i'll talk about the incredible rescue. every day we're working to be an even better company -
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vick van dick is one lucky man. his jaguar was in flames and jason leaped into action pulling him from the car and saving his life. jason pennington and his wife join me. welcome to you both. to put this into context, you yourself kimberly three weeks ago on the 405 were in a terrible accident and a good samaritan came to your aid,
6:42 pm
broke ribs and puncture add rib. cut forward three weeks and the same thing happens but not to you, you're helping as it turns out, one of the most famous people in hollywood. jason, tell me what happened. >> well, we were driving down the freeway and there was a car on fire, which isn't uncommon in l.a. in the summertime and as we were driving by, there was nobody around the vehicle, so we thought maybe they were standing away, and my wiefe looked over, actually and the car was full of smoke and she said there is a man in the front seat of that car hunched over. i said you're kidding me? she said no, there really is, there really is. i just thought -- i don't know. i didn't think. somebody can't burn. nobody is helping him. i flipped around and went up the onramp of parkway calabssas and there was a man trying to gather his things. i said sir, you got to get out
6:43 pm
of the car. you got to get out of the car. he said i'm trying to call the dmv. i didn't know who it was. he was bent over. and the flames engulfed front end of the vehicle and i could feel the heat -- >> yeah. >> wow. >> you don't want to grab somebody and i grabbed him by the arm and said you got to get out now. as he stumbled out he looked at me and i realized who it was and he said i'm okay. i'm okay. i said that's good, let's get away from the car. he said really, i'm fine. >> looking at the pictures of the car going up completely in flames. >> very fast. >> how fast after you pulled him out did it go up? >> as we're walking away, i sit him down and he looks at his car and he said is that my car on fire? he said that's my car. he said man, i just got it out of the shop. made a joke. polite. i said you're vick vandike, what is your name? i said jason pennington. and just sitting there as his
6:44 pm
car burned. >> how long -- >> it was gone. >> minutes. >> kimberly, from what you were watching, he would almost certainly be dead. >> there is no question in my mind. my husband ran over to him, and the front end of the car was already burning. he opened the car door, and tried to assist the gentleman, and in the time that he was just standing at the car door, the entire front end of the car was in flames. i was shocked. i was absolutely shocked at how quickly that entire car was engulf in flames and terrified for my husband, but he was really amazing. he got the gentleman out of the car. of course, we had no idea who was that. you know, coaxed him away from his car. >> jason, how do you feel about saving vick vandike's life. not every day you do that in hollywood. >> living in l.a. you see lots of stars. policemen and firemen, my brother is a nicu doctor and
6:45 pm
saves babies every day. he's my hero. it was being a good human. >> you were a hero. >> he was in the car and i would have done it for anybody. that's why he didn't get my name because when the paramedics were there, i said i'm glad you're all right and shook his hand and left. >> have you heard from vick vandike? >> no. >> i know he watches this show. vick, if you're watching maybe get together with jason and buy him a pint or something. i would. he saved your life. >> i'm so glad you're okay after your freakish accident three weeks before that. i would stay off the roads, you two. >> right? >> dick is a good guy. the sex in the city star is a new yorker born and bred and here with a man who many believe could be the city's next mayor. we'll grill him after the break. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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i've made it very clear that mr. weiner should step aside. >> taking a shot at anthony weiner. both men are battling to be the
6:50 pm
next boss of the big apple. can this red sox fan, yes, you heard me, red sox fan win over new york? he's here with me now with cynthia nixon. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> a red sox fan, bill, how are you going to pull that off? >> piers, new york city is a city of immigrants, including from the boston area. so new yorkers are open to all. >> i've tried that line about the brits. it doesn't go down very well. >> i'll tell you one thing, it's the team i grew up with and i'm not changing. so hopefully people realize there's some integrity to that. >> cynthia, why bill? what is it about him that you prefer to the other candidates? there's an openly gay candidate, would be the first gay mayor of
6:51 pm
new york, first woman. so why not go with the glass ceiling? >> i've known bill for 10 plus years. i've known him fighting in the trenches for public schools and funding and fight budget cutbacks. for me, there is no other candidate that is going to, you know, change the course of the last 12 years and create a fairer and more equitable new york for everybody. there was never any choice in my mind. >> the subtle charms of anthony weiner haven't appealed to you? >> not so far. >> don't hold your breath, piers. >> i feel like in a race that's been marked by scandal and really small ideas, in bill deblassio, we have a guy that's a real game changer. it's so welcome and so overdue. >> we have a great clip here from your daughter, bragging about you. let's watch this.
6:52 pm
>> i'm so happy that i get to work with my dad and the rest of my family on this campaign, because it would be one thing if i thought he was some boring white guy who didn't know what he was talking about. but he cares about everybody in the city, every different type of person, rich, poor, black, white, and that's what we really need. >> i'm de blasio, and i'm not a boring white guy. >> i've got to say, bill, i love your daughter. i thought that was fantastic. >> you know, she's got a lot of charm, and she just tells it like it is. that was a real sweet moment. it was a room full of young progressives and i was so proud of her. she and my son, dahntay, are playing a big role in this campaign. there's dahntay in the
6:53 pm
background with the rather prominent hair. people love it. they love seeing a family together representing the changes we need in this city. a city that would be inclusive of everyone again. >> cynthia, tell me why bill's not a boring white guy? >> he's a real profound thinker, all the issues that he really cares about and speaks out on. he's not a johnny-come-lately on. he's the only person running who has the guts to go out there and say, we need to have a small tax on the rich so we can provide universal, full-day pre-k for every 4-year-old in new york city, which i think will make such apimpact on the city and the education system as a whole. as a public school parent, that just means worlds to me. >> bill, let's flip forward five, six years. you've been mayor of new york and all been going swimmingly. you've pushed through your agenda. what are the things you would
6:54 pm
have liked to have achieved most, give me the top three. >> right now the issue this this city is the inequality that is really unfortunate lly fundamentally affecting people all of the city. a lot of new yorkers are struggling. so the number one hope is after four years to have addressed the inequality. the tax on the wealthy to fix the schools. paid sick leave. the city has the power to pass local legislation to help that. and stop and frisk. we've had two systems of policing in recent years, there's separate and unequal. different neighborhoods treated very differently and that's created a rift between the police and community making it harder to protect public safety and found unconstitutional in the last week by a federal judge. so i want to say at the end of four years we've brought police and community back together and we've respected the
6:55 pm
constitution. >> that sounds a good premise to me. cynthia, if you were doing a slogan for bill, what would it be? >> bill de blasio, for a more fairer, more just new york. >> i sort of -- i think i prefer your daughter's line, bill. >> not a boring white guy? >> yes, i think that's the best tag line i've ever heard. >> i think you win. i think you win. >> piers, we're going to follow your advice and print hundreds of thousands tonight. >> if you do posters say that say not a boring white guy, vote bill de blasio, you will win and you will thank me and your daughter. >> thanks for that advice. >> bill and cynthia, thank you both very much. good to talk to you. >> thanks, piers. >> we'll be right back. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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tomorrow night, steve wozniak joins me to talk about apple and the new movie starring ashton kutcher. >> it had steve jobs' mannerisms
7:00 pm
but it didn't have his thinking or his thoughts. >> tune in tomorrow night for a very honest and colorful interview, as always. watch that. that's tomorrow night. for tonight, that is it from us. anderson cooper starts right now. good evening, everyone. it is 10:00're on the east coast. tonight, the reporter who made nsa leaker edward snowden a household name says he's facing retaliation by government forces targeting his spouse. later tonight, we're on the fire lines where the tide may be turning but it is a race against weather conditions. also tonight, how a convicted baby killer who is suspected in the deaths of dozens of other kids who might soon walk free. we begin with that exclusive involving alleged misuse of government power.

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